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"Some people have told me to focus on one thing to be successful. That might be true for people who are only good at one thing. But some of us were built for more. Those are my people. If you can dream about your company, I will help you build it."

                                          - Nicole Larsen


Brain. Beauty. Boss.

 Your Dream Job Doesn't Exist. You Have to Create It. 

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My Story

My Story

Nicole Larsen

I started my first company and marketing agency, Busy Ave, Inc., to offer marketing and design services to businesses. It's hard to believe I now have over 20 years of marketing experience. I've worked with clients from start-ups to multi-million dollar companies. What originally began as a love for graphic design, media and marketing research, has rapidly evolved to a desire to provide complete solutions to companies. I solve problems for clients. Whether it's which software to implement, which marketing tools to use, how to rebrand your image or how to generate new revenue sources, I make it happen. I have multiple companies, each dabble in one of my passions whether it's helping clients or designing apparel direct to the consumer. 

I graduated with an MBA (Emphasis in Marketing) from Pepperdine University. While I understand and value corporate marketing, my true passion is entrepreneurship. There's something fascinating about entrepreneurs. Most jump and build a parachute later because they know they won't let themselves fail. Their courage to pursue the most difficult path is the inspiration for my work.


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